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Huck SF20 Bobtail
Huck SF20 Bobtail

Huck SF20 Bobtail

Part Number:SF20

Huck SF20 Bobtail Installation Tool

Huck SF20 Tool Features

Huck's advanced swageforward tooling for (BobTail) fasteners. The SFBTT series, will make the installation process quicker and easier by reducing the force needed to install each of the fasteners. Huck SF20 is more compact and lighter weight than previous Huck lockbolt production tooling. BobTail installation tools also offer more operator flexibility as well as extended reach into hard areas. In tight, space-constrained applications, the swageforward SF20 Bobtail tool will allow the operator to position their hand at a safe distance from the working structure during installation.

  • Max Flow Rate: 2 gpm ( 7.6 l/m)
  • Pull Capacity: 20,650 lbf ( 92 KN)
  • Return Capacity: 9,500 lbf ( 42 KN)
  • SF20 = 11 lbs (4.99 kg)
  • Stroke: 2.00 inches ( 5.08 cm)
  • SF20 Tool w/Nose Assembly (sold separate)
  • 99-7882 (1/2), 99-7881 (5/8)

Download the huck SF20 installation tools manual in PDF

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